Our Founder

Shana Mayo Richardson or “Shay” is a self taught professional makeup artist that has been studying her craft for over 8 years. She holds an Associates in Business and a Bachelors in Fashion Merchandising. She loves how makeup has evolved over the years since she first picked up a brush. People are her passion and connecting with them on a very personal level through makeup has become a true joy in her life. She believes that she is not only giving a makeover but building trust and a connection.

For more than 8 years Shana Richardson has been providing Brides, models, media personalities and everyday sheros with naturally beautiful makeup. With a warm inviting spirit and great attention to detail Shana continues to build great connections with her clients through great service and trained skill.

Shana is from Long Island New York but resides in West Arlington, Texas with her husband and two children. She adores her faith in God, crafting, building memories with her family, growing and learning about business, and watching her DVR. Her favorite show is “The Profit” and her favorite food is Pizza and Mac and Cheese (not together!).